Friday, February 4, 2011


I don't mean in the typical sense of crooked, being dishonest...well actually I guess I do. They tell you that they are a terrific month to month phone system. Instead it is impossible to receive service by phone...I spent 20 minutes telling that computer that my last name is SMITH....for heaven's sake who doesn't recognize the name of SMITH?

Then I went online. I have gone online many times to refill this service because the phone refill is impossible to navigate...and I worked with and on phones for 30 years! I still prefer working with HUMAN BEINGS as opposed to computers, call me crazy.

Anyway, after spending an incredibly frustrating 1/2 hour (which seemed MUCH, MUCH LONGER), I tried online to refill my service only to find that for some reason they were only going to give me unlimited minutes for the next 13 days instead of for a month, as listed. AARGH!

To any and all who read this post I have one phrase....RUN AWAY FROM STRAIGHTTALK! They are NOT customer friendly, even for a woman who spent 30 years of her life training about phones and phone systems, computers and computer systems.

If they actually do something positive I promise I will post that here as well. I really DON'T like listing the unpleasant parts of life but I needed to vent!

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