Friday, October 7, 2016

Even a Miracle Needs a Nap

My beloved Mama.  She always told me that all birth is a miracle, but that I'm 3 or 4 types of miracles.  She couldn't conceive.  She couldn't carry.  She couldn't deliver.  Yet here I am?  Then to add to the general stack of couldn'ts and shouldn'ts I was born with very little immune system, and allergic to literally the world.  I could only eat three foods without becoming ill, life threateningly ill.

I do not recite all of this to say, "Wow, look at me world.  I'm a MIRACLE!"  OK, maybe just a little bit.  However, being a miracle is exhausting!

Being a miracle means that I should spread joy, love, and warmth all the time, everyday, all day and all night, right?  I hate to admit it but I am not Mother Theresa!  She was a woman of driving passion for love, service, and sacrifice.  I...well, I like a good nap in the afternoon.  The time is two hours, and it involves lying in a comfy bed, letting my thoughts fly about in my head, and then AHHHH the delicious, exquisite nirvana of slumber.

Generally speaking I wake up automatically two hours later renewed, and ready to tackle the world again for 4 or 5 hours.  I call it breaking life up into bite sized pieces.  My beloved husband called it, "A waste of time."  I personally believe that he was just jealous.

Without that two hour break in living I become a slug in a chair, albeit a MIRACLE slug in a chair, unable to function other than knit or sew, and watch the television.  The programs I watch during that time would be close to what my hubby called "A waste of time."  I would call relax and enjoy.  Things like "chick flicks," or murder mysteries, or British telly.  They have such amazing programs!

I am unable to do much in the way of movement.  That includes movement in my brain.  (Apparently in my brain movement is required.  Brain aerobics are out of the question if that precious nap has been ignored)!

As a small asthmatic child, my Mother always insisted on an afternoon nap.  At the time, I resented it with all within me.  As a sixty year old adult I am aware that SHE probably needed the nap, possibly even more than me!  She had three wonderful children, and one of us was special needs.  She rarely slept through the night.  Asthma tends to erupt during the night for multiple reasons.  There was NOTHING to treat it with except a trip to the ER to obtain oxygen until the lung spasm passed.

Napping?  My husband said that it made him feel sluggish, and groggy.  Again I maintain, AHHHH Nirvana.  For two entire hours I completely give myself over to rest, and renewal.  I truly believe that we are all miracles, and as I stated in the title of this post, "Even a Miracle needs a nap!"

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