Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hidden Wedges

It was a grand tree.  Standing for hundreds of years through rain, snow, ice, heat, and cold, it seemed invincible.  Then in a thunder storm, lightning hit the tree and it split in two.  Sorrow was felt by the owners of the property.  That tree held a swing.  All of their children, and grandchildren had spent hours dreaming in the swing.  Their family often had parties in the shade of the tree. 

In preparation for using the salvageable wood of the now destroyed tree, the property owner examined it closely.  In the heart, the center of the grand old tree, was a wedge.  This was a piece of metal used to split wood.  The man remembered years ago when he had been in a terrible hurry.  He had put the wedge in the tree.  He had planned on coming back and retrieving it.  Life got in the way, and soon he had forgotten about the wedge.

The tree had grown around and over this tool.  Lightning had reached its weak spot.  The wedge had fulfilled the purpose of splitting wood, the old tree. 

What wedges are you hosting?  Is there a family member that you feel has wronged you?  Have you let this hurt fester, and eventually weaken the very fabric of your relationship?  Or have you discussed it, processed it, and let it fade into the shadows of the past?  Have you "let go," of friends rather than discussed and healed?  If you let go of people because of hidden wedges, you may soon become very, very lonely.

Are there other types of wedges hidden deep that are holding you back?  An example.  I attended college for three semesters.  I quit at that point because I could not decide what major to follow.  I could not make a life decision.  It has been almost 40 years, and I'm still struggling with the idea of what direction I would follow in education!

My husband went to law school when he was in his 30's.  Several people questioned his choice.  "Nyle, who is going to hire a brand new attorney in his 30's?  The law firms all want young, eager, trainable attornies.  Nyle responded without hesitation.  In three years I will be three years older.  The other choice?  I get my legal degree.  I will have had three years of legal education.  The reality was that he was one of few students in his graduating class that already had a job when he graduated!  His employees valued the maturity, and life experience he carried within.

Take a half hour today and review.  (There is ALWAYS at least a half hour that you can squeeze into your day)!  Are there hidden wedges that are holding you back, keeping you from achieving the goals you long for, dream of?  If there are, what actions will help you pull that wedge out and move on?  Start...start right now!  If we all participate in this idea, what improvements will it bring in our personal lives, in the lives of those around us?

Sometimes in life help is needed to give us insight, and assistance in removing deeply imbedded wedges.  There is great strength in admitting that you need help!  I believe that everyone should either take self improvement classes, or go to a counselor.  This life is NEVER static!  It's always changing.  Do you wish to progress or regress?




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