Monday, July 25, 2016

Am I Old?

I had many times in my life that I was not certain that I'd live to be 21, and soon it will be SIXTY!  I'm excited for the new experiences, and the opportunities that remain open in my life.

Last week I realized that something in my perception has changed since I was young.  When I was young if I heard the words, "Something new is coming out..."  My heart raced, and I was excited for a new opportunity to learn, to grow!

Now I fear that far too many times when I hear, "Something new is coming out..."  I think, CRAP, something else to learn?  Why can't the world just stay the same!  This is a rather shallow observation in the realms of philosophy but true nonetheless. 

I have heard throughout my life the phrase, "The world is wasted on the young."  I disagree!  I'm grateful for their sharp minds, and the fresh eyes through which they see this old world.

Now, as I enter into years that most would title OLD, I also know that living this long gives you unique ideas and perspective. 

So the best yet, why can't we, young and old enrich each others perception of the world?

I like to watch "Just Dance."  Nigel Lithgoe is no longer a young person by virtue of the years that he's lived, but his youth lies in the vivacious enjoyment he gains from inspiring others to dance.  This year the program is spotlighting the dance talent of children from 8 to 13 years of age.  The young ones are mentored by adult dancers, and it's marvelous to see what happens when those two ages are combined. 

My Mother once said something to me about "Respecting my elders."  I was annoyed by that generalized pronouncement.  I responded, "I should not have to respect someone just because they're older than me.  I can respect them, IF they've earned my respect."

WOW...looking back on that statement I'm amused at the hubris I presented.  AND YET?  I do NOT wish to be respected by ANYONE simply by virtue of the fact that I have managed to stay alive for sixty years.  I want to be respected for having put life into the sixty years that I've lived!!!

In return I promise that I will not disrespect anyone JUST because they are younger than me.  I will listen and realize that they have lots to teach me.  I also will remember that there is still ever so much to learn.  There  is so much for ME to learn.  I'm excited for this opportunity.


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