Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Roses and Perspective

I received a lovely bouquet of roses for Mother's Day from our girls.  They were so pretty that even when they started to fade and wither I couldn't make myself throw them away.  The odd thing about them was that as long as you were across the room they still looked beautiful.  It was when you got close to them you could see that the petals were browning at the part next to the stem, and some of the petals were very withered.

One of the things that I cherish about this point in my life is perspective.  That ability to know that you've faced hard things before in your life and you made it through.  It's a gift.  It tells me that when great loss happens, there WILL be some compensating joy.  You CAN survive and better yet, THRIVE in spite of the hard things that you're facing.

I do tend to speak about this idea a lot.  For a reason.  If anyone is reading this, they may not need to hear this idea repeated.  I DO!  I never said that I was completely unselfish, I try to be unselfish, but I ALWAYS learn the most from the things that I teach, or write.  If you happen to gain something as well, that's awesome!

Have you ever had a "Terrible, awful, no good, very bad day?"  There is a delightful book and movie by that name.  It's about a young boy named Alexander.  His day went from bad to worse.  Yet along the way he gained some perspective.  He saw things in a creative method.

When your life is dark, and let's face it, we all will have dark days, try this visualization.  Imagine an enormous sink with a huge drain.  All your problems are represented by marbles.  Now you are going to take those problems and either one by one, or all at once, dump them down that big drain.  See how they are all sinking, going away, and you can't even see them anymore?  Doing this at bedtime is especially helpful.  I don't know about you, but my problems seem to grow enormous when I'm trying to go to sleep.  This exercise has been very helpful in giving me a peaceful mind to sleep with.

Speaking of sleep, I'm always amazed at the difference a good night's rest makes on my perspective.  I feel better able to face life, good, bad, or indifferent when my body has been renewed through rest.

Find yourself stuck?  You need a fresh idea, a creative solution, or just some new ideas?  Go for a walk, somewhere where you don't usually walk.  Dance...if you don't usually dance, even better.  Turn on some music that makes you laugh, or feel empowered and dance.  If anyone teases you, you will reply, "Come dance with me!"  Change...move closer or further away from the rut your mind wishes to stick in.

My dear Mama was far ahead of her time in parenting ideas.  For example, when my Brother was frustrated or angry, she sent him off to run.  When I was struggling she had me dance, or sing, or both.  Now we understand better that these physical activities create feel good endorphins, and serotonin.  When Mama was telling us about doing these things she just felt that we needed a positive outlet for our negative emotions.  I think that both are right.  Creating serotonin and endorphins DO help make a more positive outlet.  On the other hand, finding a positive outlet helps produce serotonin and endorphins!

A new day is fast approaching.  Today, do something fresh, different.  It can be as small as eating somewhere new and different for lunch.  Or making a new recipe for dinner.  Maybe you want to do something larger?  Dance with your honey, at home, or in a store, or where ever you happen to be.  Walk, hike, read poetry, go to a horse race (not to bet, just to watch the beauty of horses moving with a need for speed), drive you car on an old road where you need to go slow...roll all the windows down and let the wind whisk your hair into a frenzy.

On this new day, forget all the days that came before (except to remember that you thrived through hard before and you can do it again).  Then find a way to renew, rejoice, and rejuvenate.  I would LOVE to hear some of the ways that YOU seek renewal.


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