Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Part of me wishes to race into  this New Year. I want to throw open my windows and scream for joy and renewal!  I mean, come on, this NEW only comes once a year.  In this widest of worlds there are many chances for new as in REnewal, REfresh, and the best one of all REverberate!  (Ok, re means to repeat, wait, does that mean peating again?  lol Who would like to repeat verberating?)

I would love to hear from anyone with their New Year's resolutions, or goals.  Goals are very important.  As one of my favorite quotes says, "A goal is a stone to step on, not a stick to beat yourself."  Since the death of my darling hubby I have been extremely deficit in setting, let alone attaining goals.  Actually for a several of those years my goal was just making it through another day without him! 

It has been four years this month since his passing.  This is the year when I will also start a brand new fresh decade...sixty years.  It seems appropriate on every level that I hail this year and its potential for growth and achievement.

Here go the resolutions.  (No judging.  My strengths and weakness are not yours.)  In return, I will not judge any goals that you wish to share!

1.  Work on my physical fitness.  I wish to participate in an overnight hike to mark this new decade coming.  NOT BY MYSELF. (I did not see the movie about the man who hiked alone, and had to cut off his own arm to free himself, but I've heard way more gruesome details than I would have liked to)!  When I turned 40 I climbed to the top of a mountain to see the top of a waterfall.  At 50 I climbed a sand step forward and two steps back, slipping and sliding in sand makes climbing HARD!

2.  Enrich my spirit.  I've been reading my scriptures more often, and I'm making positive attitude cards to carry with me that have brief quotes to remind me of my potential.

3.  Market my novels.  I have no fear of sitting down next to someone and starting a conversation.  On the other hand, walking into a room full of people as just little old me, TERRIFIES ME!  I can perform on stage, I can sing or speak with confidence, I just play a character...CJ the Confident, and I'm fine.  Then I come off stage and shake for a couple of hours.  On the other hand, going to business people to convince them that they MUST sell my books, TERROR!  You know the type of's the nightmare kind...can't move danger coming towards me...must move, can't...I'M DEAD kind!  Anyone out there that would be willing to teach me about marketing would be eternally appreciated!

4.  Find venues where I can raise awareness of BULLYING, SEXUAL SLAVERY/HUMAN BONDAGE (educating on ways to protect, but not live in fear), but mostly POSITIVE THINKING!  Norman Vincent Peale is one of my favorite gurus on approaching life from a positive, creative, standpoint.  I would like to speak to people seeking to improve their lives.

OK...there they are, MY resolutions!  Your turn.  I would adore hearing from others about their goals, and excitement over making new goals and reaching them! 

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