Friday, September 18, 2015

Hero/Heroine? Hero/Shero

I wonder who in the history of our language decided that the female version of a hero should be a heroine?  That is the name of a drug.  Why would a heroic action performed by a female be called the name of a drug?

Actually if you look at the work HERO you can see evidence that the word itself referred to heroic females.  HER O...spoken in the inflection Her  OOOOOOHHHH!

Hero and Shero seem like a better choice to me.  I would never wish to be called the name of drug for performing acts of service.  I've heard people use the term hero for both male and female.  I believe that makes some sense.  If you need to be reminded, check the paragraph above.

This last week our youngest daughter had "Hero Day," at the school where she teaches 5th grade.  It made me think about the heros, and sheros of my life.  I have so very many, grandparents, parents, my beloved husband, but especially our two daughters.

When Nyle died, his income died with him.  That left me attempting to pay all of our bills on my Social Security Disability Income.  That teeny amount did not even begin to pay the monthly bills.

Our youngest daughter worked at a part-time job that she really did not enjoy.  It earned money.  So she stuck with it.

Not long after our oldest daughter got a job.  They both stuck by me as we attempted to find a "New normal."  I moved, and then we got smart and realized that having all three of us share the expenses of a home made the most sense.

That is not all our girls do.  They watch over me and my physical challenges with great love and patience.  They pay the bills and keep an eye on expenses.  They cook and shop.  They make me laugh.  They are patient with me when I chatter like a magpie.

Our girls are one of the very greatest blessings in my life.  They ARE my SHEROES!  I want them to know that I recognize this about them! 

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