Saturday, April 11, 2015

Frustration - First Thing in the Morning?

I started sewing a lovely summer house dress last Spring.  That's right, one whole year ago.  In the beastly heat of summer I do NOT like to wear denim jeans.  Somehow they just feel much warmer than a loose fitting dress.  It's still exciting for me to pick fabric, connect it to a pattern, and create something original for me.

The problem is that I never really learned about all the workings of a sewing machine.  For example, what is the name of the two pieces of metal that lie behind the bobbin?  I have Googled, Asked, and used various and sundry ways of trying to find this information.  I found one DIY video that gave instructions, but while she was teaching her hands were in front of the pieces.

1.  What is the name of those pieces?

2.  How do I put them back in the machine?

3.  How many years have I been sewing (around 40) and still don't know what these pieces are called, and how to reinstall them?

4.  It really would be cheaper to go to a thrift store and purchase a ready made summer dress.  Why do I still feel this compulsion to create something of my own?

5.  Living with my two beautiful adult daughters there is already a plethora of clothing in the home.  Why do I feel as though I need to make something new?

6.  Why am I writing this silly post about my frustration with my sewing machine?

I watch the "reality" show "Project Runway," about the designers who create clothing according to instructions for multiple tasks.  It whets my appetite to sew, design, and create something that is absolutely specific to me.

I LOVE, ADORE, fashion.  I toyed with the idea of becoming a fashion designer in my youth.  I have always been fascinated with fashion, both from a historical vantage point (Did you know that in Egypt it was just fine not to wear anything on the top of you, but heaven forbid, don't show your ELBOWS) and a current point of view.  I gave the idea up because I can NOT draw.  Drawing is an important skill when you are creating a garment by making your own pattern pieces. 

At darn near sixty years of age, I have determined to follow "classic" fashion styles for the rest of my life.  On the other hand, I like to toss in accessory things that are fresh, and current.  A classic dress can look new and chic with a new necklace, a shrug, or a cardigan.  Earrings can also make a great statement.

I use fashion to cover when I'm having a tough time.  "If you can't make it fake it." Is a philosophy I agree with wholeheartedly.  Sometimes I can't stand the most basic of make-up, so I wear a lovely necklace, or statement earrings, or a delightful bracelet.  I have discovered that if people see these things, they aren't looking as closely at this old lady with no make-up on!

Frustration can hit at any time with any activity.  Do we let frustration stop us?  I hope not.  I am really, really, talented at being frustrated.  I'm trying to learn a better skill-set than stomping around the house grumpy and annoyed like a terrible two year old.  Gratefully, I can vent in my blog.   I would love to hear comments about what makes you frustrated. 

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