Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Joel Stein Makes me Laugh

Once before I wrote a commentary on the columnist Joel Stein.  I just can't seem to get enough of his writing.  He is witty, articulate, dry, and sometimes seriously sarcastic.  Is that an oxymoron?  Seriously sarcastic?

His article was cleverly labeled, "Love Me Tinder."  The heading made me think of a paper that my husband wrote in law school.  Nyle's title was "Love me tender, love me true, but don't steal my pictures, music, or likeness or I'll sue."  Wordy but you get the point!  lol

Joel and his wife facetiously used the Tinder dating app to help them decide who would wish to date them if they got a divorce?  Joel did not fare well in the applications of interest that he received.  His wife on the other hand had many, many young attractive men that were interested. 

A serious note for just a moment in my article about an article.  I do remember that Joel's article was humorous.  I would like to interject my personal views on the only reasons for divorce.
1.  ABUSE of any type, especially of your children.  2.  Control that is out of control.  3.  You find that you are married to a person who NEVER makes mistakes.  (OK, they do, sometimes lots of mistakes, but the blame involved is ALWAYS ascribed to somebody else).  If they are addicted to sexual actions with prostitutes, it's the prostitutes fault for dressing that way and being on the street to tempt men.  REALLY?  REALLY?  These three reasons are absolutely, positively, grounds for getting a divorce...now, RIGHT NOW!

Joel and his wife decided to use the application to see what their dating lives would be after they divorced.  Poor Joel really got the short end of that stick.  He seemed to get lots of old women interested in him.  Old women that were, well let's kindly say a little wacky!

His wife on the other hand, attracted the interest of so many handsome, virile young men that she was loathe to end the app.

 Joel and his bride are very young...only in their 40's.  This is the decade that I have heard called, "The old age of youth."

I am in my late 50's.  My honey is dead.  Died two years ago.  I could start dating again.  WHY?  I had a friend once in my age group explain that men her age (and she wasn't much older than me) either were looking for a nurse, or a purse.

I must admit that it would be interesting to see what type of human being I would attract now that I'm approaching the tender, definitive age of 60!  My lovely adult daughters loyally tell me that I'm an approaching old age, "Hottie." 

I recall when my Mama was widowed at 73 years of age.  In a short period of time two elderly gentlemen asked her out on a date.  She turned them both down. 

I said, "Mama, a free meal with an interesting person.  What could be wrong with that?" 

Her frank reply?  "I know what those old goats want, and it's more than company for a meal!" 

After I was able to breathe again (I was laughing that hard) I told her that I thought it would be good for her to date, and find companionship.  That was NOT an acceptable idea for Mama.  She lived to be 95 and was completely, and utterly, dateless.

I currently plan on following in Mama's footsteps, even though I was widowed at 55...almost 20 years before she was.  I'm not certain if I want to live to be 95, without my beloved husband of 27 years.  Yet, I hope to fill those years with positive actions.

So...who knows, maybe at some point I will follow Joel and his wife's actions.  It might be interesting to see what male persons would find me attractive?  NOT!!

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