Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let's Do a Study On It???

I read recently in a magazine that a study had established that hopping, skipping, and jumping, helped produce serotonin and endorphins.  REALLY?  They wrote a grant proposal, sent said grant proposal to an investor who accepted the proposal, sent them money and said, "Go!"

What a wonderful idea!  Let's write a study on something that we already KNOW  by common sense is the case.  What a delightful method of earning money.  We send out a grant proposal to the investor (which may actually take 1 or 2 hours to compose).  Then the investor accepts our proposal, HURRAH, HURRAH, HURRAH!  Then we actually put in a few hours or not, proving something that again has been known by most people for the entirety of their lives, and probably for a generation or two before us.

Here's another such study idea: Positive affirmations must be given at a ratio of 4 positives to 1 negative.  Really?  Someone paid an organization money to prove that it makes us feel better to hear positive affirmations than negative ones?

What is the overall benefit of these studies to our society at large?  I imagine that in Europe if anyone read some of the study subjects that we pay money to prove they would laugh.  Actually lol, or even lmbo (that's laugh my bum off to give deference to the UK folks way of referring to their bottoms) would be an excellent explanation of their reactions.

I am fascinated by studies that actually provide new information that can improve the human lot.  For example, a dear neighborhood friend's aunt (who I loved very much) died of breast cancer in the early 1970's.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991, and had two lumpectomies, 25 radiation treatments and have been in remission for the following 23 years!  We have come a long way in the treatment of breast cancer.  The largest reason for that is money that has been pumped into the cause by groups like the Susan Komen Foundation.

Instead of studying things like, (Here's another study that blew MY mind) do dolphins really smile?  Honestly, does that matter to you?  I have zero interaction with these lovely mammals that spend their lives in the ocean.  In addition, I don't think that a study that says that their smiles are created by reflex reactions is the more sure word on the subject.  How do you chat with a dolphin and see their responses to stimuli?  Instead let's spend that grant money on studying the mechanism of cancer.  Or let's put that grant money into education for our world.  How about feeding the children in our very own country that are starving in poverty?

I personally feel that spending the funds in this world, and in our very own country to make the world a healthier, better place might just put a REAL smile on a dolphin, and I know would put a huge smile on my face!  But wait, LET'S DO A STUDY ON IT!  Would someone like to give me some grant money?

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