Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Writing Interview

I went to a Christmas boutique with our girls, and our niece.  As we were traveling through I met a lovely woman.  She is a writer, and has a publishing company as well.  She told me that on her blog she interviews writers to give them more of a forum for marketing their books.
You can read this interview at  I had lots of fun with the interview.

By the way my pen name is Vivian Varlowe in case anyone knows me by another name.  This was the name my Mama had chosen as a child to be a published author with.  She is an excellent writer.  I was grateful when she gave me permission to use her pseudonym.

Thanks to any and all that have contributed to my work by giving me support in my endeavors.  Thanks to my beloved cousin that convinced me that I had talent and needed to share it.  Thanks to my darling daughters who have spent most of their lives hearing me speak about what I wished to write.  Thanks to my parents who were both terrific writers, and my Mom for working with me, and reading to me tirelessly.

Thanks to my beloved honey.  He never read any of my books all the way through.  (He was struggling with eye issues that made reading anything longer than a couple of pages problematic).  I read some of my work to him and he told me, "You are a good writer CJ.  Finish a book.  How many people can say they have written a book?"  Coming from Nyle...I felt like my writing could fly.  He was an amazing writer.  I would easily put his writing alongside such greats as C.S. Lewis,  Norman Vincent Peale, and the author of Lord of the Rings (which for some reason I can not think of his name right now).  Seriously Nyle was the best writer that I ever read.  I fell in love with his writing before I fell in love with him.  (I met him as an independent contractor typing his manuscript and other items).  He worked for a film company.

I was typing a screenplay for him.  It was medieval fantasy.  In the writing of those pages I fell in love.  I seriously thought, "If he can write this rhythmic, poetic form of writing I want to know more about him.  We only had 5 official dates, and he proposed.  It was crazy, crazy, but I'm so very, very grateful for the 27 years of love and learning we shared!

So again, thanks...and please read my interview and give me comments!

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