Saturday, September 28, 2013

Do you See my White Flag?

Blowing brightly...shimmery, shiny, a white flag hanging from my front door.  Someone might say, "What are you talking about?"  Lucky you that is reading this because I will tell you! 

I was born allergic to the world with virtually no immune system.  I spent way too much time in hospital's (there was virtually no treatment for asthma in 1956), the only thing they could do was give me oxygen.

Now before anybody starts thinking..."Wow, does this lady talk about anything but her crappy health?"  I'll also explain that I came into the world to two terrific parents.  Two siblings that loved me and were patient with all of the chaos I brought into their lives.  Our neighborhood and church group rallied around and I had oh 10 to 20 grandparents that all willingly reached out to help me, to help my family.

Now segue forward 57 or so years.  It's Fall, my worst allergy season.  Ironic that my favorite season of the year I spend far too much time feeling really, really sick!  May I admit that I wish there was somebody to blame for this.  Really?  How rude is it to feel crappy a great deal of the time when the leaves are painting brilliant pictures against a canvas of azure blue!  I want to go hike some of the 111 miles of trails just sitting around my Hillside Home, NOT sit in here looking out feeling like genuine CRAP!

So...if you should happen to see my home today you will notice a white won't see it, it's invisible after all, and just figurative.  On the other hand, please note that any and all messages, notes of love, hugs, and other helpful items are muchly appreciated right now as I struggle to get through this awful misery!  In case you're wondering, this post will probably NOT make it into my book, Thrive Don't Just Survive.  'Cause honey today just surviving is more than enough!

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