Thursday, January 24, 2013

Unexpected Adventure

Is there something in your life that makes is lack least YOUR control?  Do you have health conditions, an abusive significant other, children with "issues," elderly parents that you care for, something that can turn your  carefully planned day around in a heartbeat?

When I was younger I would always get annoyed by "Self-Help" Gurus who preached the gospel of"Taking Control of your Life."

Please don't misunderstand I am not saying don't plan for the future, or don't manage time wisely, and especially not the idea, "Tonight let's get some (hmmm....pop song, I wonder what 'some' they are referring to, lol) and live while we're young?"

Each of us had a limited degree of control that we can exercise in our own lives.  If you are blessed enough to have good health all of your life, a terrific job, loving family, and NO elements that are out of your control, you may want to skip this and look up those "Self-Help," gurus I referred to in the 2nd paragraph.

For those of you who have had life happen to them I wish to discuss the ONLY element that we ultimately control in this life.  That is OUR REACTION to whatever life throws our way.  We DO have control of that one single thread in our world. 

In other words, last night I went to a free health clinic where I live.  The examining registered nurse told me that my pulse was hesitating between each beat.  I had felt lethargic and out of sorts all day.  I would get dizzy each time I stood up.

Taking this combination of factors she advised me to get to a doctor.  It was to late to get in to my doctor so I went to the ER.

After checking me out thoroughly for four hours they decided they wanted more tests and sent me off to the hospital for an overnight stay. 

Today should have been MISERABLE in the extreme.  I couldn't take the meds that I needed until four hours after they were due.  I couldn't eat, or drink.  Physically I felt distinctly unwell.  Emotionally I felt intimidated by the possibility that I might be about to have a heart attack.  CONTROL IN MY LIFE?  Not so much.

Then Ella Enchanted entered my room.  (Not her actual name)  My first tip that I would really like this lady was that she had short spunky hair like mine.  The second wss that this woman was filled with fireworks.  They seemed to explode magically around her.  (NO I was NOT on any medicine, remember?)

This dear soul and I proceeded to have a party.  For the first time in my entire life I was sad to have medical tests end.  We giggled, gabbed, and grew and all in a three hour span of time.  She was a medical technician supremo.  She keeps her room filled with charm, and joy.

If I had NOT had that arrhythmia last night, and a bit of a scare I would not have been in THAT hospital meeting Ella Enchanted.  Did I have CONTROL over those circumstances....not at all.  Did those circumstances lead me to something better than I could ever have imagined on my own?  Absolutely!

So the next time the rug gets yanked out from under your feet in life open up your mind to possibilities.  Who knows, there may be an Ella Enchanted waiting for you.

The very best part was that I'm NOT dying, having a heart attack, or anything life threatening.  I have had a mitral valve prolapse most of my life and it kicks in every once in awhile.  Apparently it did so yesterday, but I wanted to make certain that it was nothing new and different moving forward into my future.

If there is anybody reading this post that is a "Control Freak," somebody that thinks that they can actually wrest from life total control...loosen your tie, take your hair out of it's tightly repressed knot on the back of your head.  Remember that even the most unpleasant circumstances can lead to some amazing blessings perhaps even an adventure or two!

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