Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trial of Ease??

In the scriptures it speaks about a trial of "ease."  I've often throught as I've struggled my way through life financially that I would LOVE to try on that particular trial.  As I worked full-time until our youngest daughter was four years of age, and then worked full-time and a half as I opened a childcare business, I used to dream of winning the lottery.  Imagine never having to work that hard again, I would fantasize.

Getting older brings the gift of perspective.  I understand that those times were difficult but they were also rich with stories to tell, lessons to learn, and most especially the unbridled joy of watching our two beautiful daughters grow up, and my beloved husband earn his Bachelor's or Theatre and Film Directing, and then his Legal degree.

I've been in this lovely apartment for two and a half weeks.  I still have more boxes than I have spaces, and everyday I empty more boxes, and try to gain more order in my lovely place.

So....I do NOT have billions of dollars, I don't even have a simple million.  Still, I have more than enough THINGS to make me happy.

Better than the THINGS, I have a family that I adore, friends that are family, and family that are friends.

One day I was feeling overwhelmed at the task of "downsizing," to a smaller apartment.  Then I started to think about some of the people that I saw in Jamaica who lived in cardboard boxes, or huts with a tin roof.  Their spaces were about two feet by three feet.  Yet those people were smiling.  They didn't seem to realize that they were poor.  They would say, "Irie," which means basically, "Don't worry, be happy."

There are so many types of wealth.  There is obviously financial wealth, but the kinds of wealth that are the more important are the wealth of true joy.  That joy comes from relationships, NOT things.  Oh trust me, I will always enjoy wearing pretty clothes, and jewelry, but I would give them all up in a heartbeat for any of my beloved friends or family.  (Anybody out there need some beautiful women's clothes in a size of 18/20?)

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