Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I find that from time to time I have random attacks of being an Aunt. I will be just going about the normal course of my day and some nephew or niece event from my memory will pop forward and make me smile.

My sister delivered my first nephew when I was thirteen years old. Since that time my sister and her ex-husband, delivered 9 nephews and nieces (one of them passed away), my brother and his wife had seven nephews and nieces.

Then I married Nyle and he had 18 nephews and nieces. So not counting our two children we have a total count of 32 nephews and nieces. Then we start counting the wonderful people that said nephews and nieces have married and I double that count....now let's start counting my great nephews and nieces (who DO live up to their name of GREAT nephews and nieces) and I can't remember how many there are anymore.

A couple of weeks ago one of those beloved great-nieces gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Serenity.....I'm now a GREAT, GREAT AUNT! WOW, that's the kind of status I enjoy! AWESOME!

Well, today for my random attack of auntiness I wish to make the subject our beloved nephew Adam....Adam on Nyle's side of the family that is, because we have two nephews named Adam.

At a family reunion long ago this weight challenged (or skinny if you prefer) young man came up to us and announced, "I know that my name is Adam, but I'm going to go by Bob for awhile. I'll let you know when I decide to be Adam again." My question is to you Adam.....now that you're a dad of two, husband to a beautiful lady, (whoops, that order that I listed seems backwards), and working on becoming a doctor of medicine is it time to start calling you Adam again?

It doesn't matter.....for the rest of my life I will think of you as Adam Bob....and eventually DR. Adam Bob. Remember Adam Bob, your Auntie CJ loves you VERY much!


  1. I LOVED that Adam called himself Bob. For a long time, I think I actually forgot that Adam was his real name...awkward.

  2. First, I'm flattered that I get to be the subject of your auntiness! While most people call me Adam, a few select others have their own names for me. You are more than welcome to call me Adam, Bob, Fake Doctor Smith, him, it, Amber's guy, Shane's Dad, that guy over in Ohio, the guy that wears belt buckles and cowboy boots, the skinny guy or whatever else comes to your mind :).

    For the record, we're doing great out here. We'll be here for another 2-3 years before hopefully heading somewhere out west for residency.

    Thanks for thinking of us! I hope all is well!