Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton FOR PRESIDENT????

Right now as the 2016 vote wind-up is happening I often feel as though I'm living in a nightmare that I can't awaken from!  How is it possible that Donald Trump...who has absolutely no political experiences, whatsoever, who has spoken negatively about almost every type of human on this planet is one of the forerunners for President of the United States?  Even in the Presidential debate he made some snide comment about "a 400 pound person," sitting on their bed.  It's now ok to judge a person on the outside, taking no thought about why they might weigh 400 pounds?  Since when has it been acceptable to judge others on shallow, surface values?

My Mama always said, "There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it behooves none of us, to talk about the rest of us."  That means that we simply can't judge a person on external values.  You really shouldn't, NEVER SHOULD, "judge a book by it's cover," another saying that is tried and true.

Donald Trump is unkind!  He doesn't care who he offends.  He is also ignorant of government policies and procedures, and arrogant enough to think that his business experience translates into that oh so different world of politics.

Hillary Clinton has been involved in politics for over three decades.  She has been involved in all types of legislation.  Is she perfect?  Far from it.  Has she made mistakes?  Definitely.  On the other hand, she truly evokes a desire to serve the people of this country.

Hilary could have gone a completely different route in her life.  She had the education, brains, and talent to become extremely wealthy.  Instead, she has served in all types of political situations, including as First Lady of our country.

Yes, her husband showed his lack of moral fiber in the White House as he had an affair, that became public knowledge, with a young intern.  That is not Hilary's fault.  I sometimes wonder if Bill would ever have become President without Hilary as the power behind him, to the side of him, and sometimes leading him.

It is far past time for a woman to lead our society.  Women have been leading other nations for a very long time.  Stop and consider, Queen Elizabeth who has served as the Queen of England for close to 70 years.  Then there was Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England.  Golda Meier was a brilliant leader in Israel.  Angela Merkel currently leads Germany in a very difficult human crisis of having a huge influx of refugees.  All of these women have led with courage, intelligence, and caring.  
I believe that there is something about womanhood that tends to eschew war as anything other than a very last necessity.  Most of the women that I have had the privilege of knowing are more in tune with nurture, not warfare.

I loathe the divisiveness of politics.  I would love to be a voice for peace in this world.  Having said that, I feel impelled to speak out this election year.  Although Hilary Clinton has made mistakes, her choices that have been negative were not motivated by greed, or the threatening corruption of power.
I simply cannot say the same for Donald Trump. 

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  1. Fortunately, Hilary and Trump aren't the only two candidates running for president. I've decided on Evan McMullin.